Fight to Save Gate 2!


I figured it was only my duty as a Yankee fan/blogger to post the link to this incredibly put-together movement/website. As the situation currently stands, the entirety of the old Yankee Stadium is to be demolished, including the symbolic Gate 2
At “Save the Yankee Gate 2“, they’ve posted, among other things, the current plan for the parks around the new park, and the proposed plan. Pictures below; 
The Current Plan: 

Basically, in replace of the Stadium, a public park, etc. would be constructed, including a pedestrian bridge, a tennis court,and baseball fields.

community objected to the substantial distance from the neighborhood to the
softball fields, as well as the unsightly presence of the winter bubble
adjacent to residential buildings. To accommodate these concerns, the tennis
courts were moved to the site of the softball fields along the Harlem river,
with the two softball fields being shifted to the current Stadium site and
joining the third diamond” – The website


Proposed plan: 

addition to being a dramatic entranceway to the new Heritage Park, the Gate’s
fortuitous position on 161
st street, directly across from the new
Stadium, would serve as a dramatic physical and visual transition from the old
Stadium to the new. The gate could be lighted from both the front and from “inside”
creating a stunning effect. Additionally, some of the existing Frieze could be
incorporated, as show, to create an even more dramatic effect.” – The website


The following are some people worth trying to contact about the issue:

Contact Mayor Bloomberg

Contact Rep. Jose Serrano 

Contact Gov. Paterson

(both pictures were taken from the website)


One comment

  1. ladybomber212

    I also put a blog up regarding the saving of Gate 2 so you’re not alone. I even sent an email to Mike and Mike (in the morning) website on ESPN regarding the matter. I don’t know of anyone else to send it to other than Bob Costas (who’s a huge baseball head and comedian Billy Crystal (a die-hard Yankee fan). Good luck on getting the word out.

    A Lady Bomber For Life

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