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Errors fail to stop the Yankees from taking series

Yankees emerge from the Atlanta haze victorious

The question is as follows; Did Joe Girardi know what he was doing when he had himself thrown out of the game Wednesday? Of course he knew he was going to get thrown out, but whether or not he was aware that he was jolting the Yankee line up into a respectable fashion of hitting is questionable. 

I give him the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t buy the Girardi thing at all, then you may be convinced that it was because the Yankees faced Derek Lowe, a pitcher they are familiar with (in contrast to the young National league arms that have been tormenting New York). Since then, the Yankees have scored 18 runs in the past 12 innings, looking once again like one of the highest scoring teams in the MLB. 
But in a sense all of the reasons are irrelevant. What matters, in a “dispatches on the road to 27” kind of way, is that Boston lost last night, putting the Yankees one game closer to their throne at the top of the AL East. And with CC Sabathia starting tonight (Yankee caption on their website reads; “Left bicep tendinitis? Please”), I’d say that the Yankees have a great shot on starting another streak here by making it three in a row.
Meanwhile, as Teixeira’s glove remains hot, his bat has gone particularly cold. He’s hit a very disappointing .233 in the past 10 games, and has not gotten any better as the Yankee’s offense has picked up in the last two games. For the Bombers to maintain a high production of wins as we head into July, Mark will need to pick it up. Because, as we observed in May, when he is on, so are the Yanks. 
John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman Quote of the Day:
John Sterling: It’s not like the Yankees can’t score anymore
Suzyn Waldman: You’re right, John, that is not a rule. 
Link of the Day: Nady having setbacks
Extra Note: While I was gripping my hair in frustration at the time, the foundations of my faith in Brett Gardner are not shaken by his two blown fly-balls yesterday.