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Missed Opportunities as Yank’s lose lead, game to Sox

I will not write much on the loss tonight. I will only give my thoughts on two aspects.

Missed Opportunities
I do not mean to repeat what I wrote in the other post I gave today. I am not saying “I told you so”.
But I cannot go without mentioning the 21 runners left on base. The 1 for 11 with RISP. Brad Penny did not pitch as well as it looks, once you study the the Yankee half of all nine innings:
1st Inning: First and Third, 2 out. No runs scored.
2nd Inning: First and Second, none out. No runs scored, baserunning error on Nick Swisher
3rd Inning: First with no out. No runs 
4th Inning: First and Second with two out. No runs
5th Inning: Penny’s only 1-2-3
6th Inning: First with one out. No runs
It was not by any means a performance that deserved the 0 runs it yielded. But it got that number because, aside from the 1 for 11 and the 21 LOB, the 2-3-4 hitters went 1 for 12. 
So with that,
This is Where The Yankees Turn It Around

This is where the team turns it around. Let’s be optimistic: It’s not even the All Star break yet. The Yankees have always played better after the break, and with that, the Yankees can erase these dismal runners-stranded performances from our memories. The Yankees can be clutch, but it can’t just be streaky moments vs. the Twins. They will need to find it in them to make it against everything – because lets be real, we know the lineup is capable. 
Extra Note: 
We are all thankful for the ace that C.C. has become