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Signs of Life

Nothing but good signs as the Yankees take their first win in the past four games…

So after a depressing run against the Nationals and Marlins (and a lost first game to Atlanta), putting up only a couple of meager wins, the Yankees have delivered a very good looking W;
Whether or not it is by any means momentum-changing will be told in time as the Yankees finish out the series against the Braves. But before declaring any big-time turning point in our season, let’s count the blessings received today down in Georgia;
The story is in a 6 inning, 2 ER performance posted by Joba Chamberlain. To be exact, the story is not tonight’s specific performance, but rather how it contributes to Joba’s June. He has, as of tonight, in his past five starts, let up no more than 3 ER and gone no shorter than six innings. You take consistency where you can get it I suppose, even if it is not from a pricey offseason acquisition (ahem, Burnett,). 
The other good sign is the show put on by the New York offense. To give an idea to any inattentive fan out there as to how bad the Yankees have been hitting, they score more runs tonight than they’ve scored in the past 3 games. and easily more than half the hits. And so when they bursted out (at least temporarily) of the stupor they’ve been in, there were some special moments. Gardner walked – and then got “picked off” (he was blatantly safe). But no need to worry, as Frankie “Hustle” Cervelli exacted pinstriped revenge, launching one into the left field seats. With that hit, the Yankees ended a no hit bid, and launched their tear. Other highlights include A-Rod’s 2 RBI single, Damon’s multihit night, and Mariano Rivera’s line drive that nearly fell in for a hit. 
So that’s it for tonight; leaving some starved fans in high spirits, the Yankees look to close out the series against Atlanta tomorrow, facing Derek Lowe, and old foe (yes, it rhymes). 
Suyzn Waldman/John Sterling Quote of the Day: 
Suzyn: Mets beat St. Louis 1-0
John Sterling: 11-0
Link of the DayThe Dynasty Video
Extra Note: Jeter is hitting hot – basically the best in the lineup as of late. And his SBs don’t hurt either.