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Wang’s best start of the year, the offense’s worst

(taken from NY Daily News

Wang’s best start of the year

It’s not saying much, considering his past starts (not worth posting the numbers), but it was a serious step. The stats were mediocre; 5 innings, 3 ER. But this is one of the cases where stats don’t quite tell you everything about the pitching performance; 
First of all, everyone who watched/listened to the game are aware of the blown call at first by the ump, top of the 5th. Willie Harris was clearly out at first base on a ground ball. He was called safe, and ended up scoring. The worst part about this entire incident, obviously, is that the Nationals one by this one run. 
Secondly, a good sign from Wang was that 10 of the 15 outs he delivered were ground balls. Four of the six hits Wang gave up were soft grounders that found the gap That was his signature from his 19-win seasons, the sinker/fastball induced groundball. Let’s hope that it bodes well for the rest of Wang’s season. 
The offense’s worst start of the year

This wasn’t the offense’s statistically worst start of the year, but considering the pitcher they faced, it seemed to be. 
I don’t have much to say on this one. I don’t see the point in speculating about the never-seen-before-pitcher-syndrome, because it appears that that’s what everyone else is talking about, and you can find much more in-depth analysis with them. All that I can say is that the failed rally in the ninth was a real heartbreaker. It’s funny how nearly all of our walk-off wins come via a combination of Johnny Damon and the young guys on the team. So when Damon launched the line-drive homer out of the park in the bottom of the ninth, and Gardner proceeded to steal second and third, it was looking like one of the walk-offs from earlier this season. 
The part that got me was that A-Rod took the walk. You can’t complain about a walk – A-Rod albeit a low average, has a .379 OBP. But it just struck me that he could’ve managed to get a deep enough fly ball to score Gardner if he was looking for the right pitch. Anyway, that’s an insignificant complaint. Cano had an excellent AB to follow, fouling off 96, 97 mph pitches. But just tough luck with the grounder. 
You can’t walk-off all of them.
Extra Note(s): 0-3 w/ RISP

Bruney gets apologetic, Jose Veras gets DFA’d, CC gets win

Bruney gets apologetic

Brian Bruney did two things over this weekend: He pulled himself out of the minors, with a shutout outing in Scranton, and he embarrassed himself, pulling himself out of a feud with Francisco Rodriguez. 
What did he say again? “He’s got a tired act,” Alright, harmless.
But I side with K-Rod here despite my blatant Yankee bias because I refuse to be a hypocrite. A hypocrite in the sense that if I agreed with what Bruney said about K-Rod’s celebrations, I’d have to explain this:

(taken from mlbtoday.net  )

So it was kind of a lose-lose situation for Bruney; Either he not say anything and look like the lesser man after that altercation, or he apologize and look like a fool. I’d say he made the right move and apologized, bowing down to the mighty will of the great, theatrically-flawed Rodriguez.
“Obviously, I probably shouldn’t have said what I said,” Bruney admitted, “I made that mistake and I’m moving on,”

Ok, fantastic. All I really cared about was how he returned to the Yankees. And he did so just fine. One third inning, no runs. Thank you Bruney, and now please, stop talking. 

Jose Veras gets DFA’d

In a way the most important thing (Yankee-related) that happened today. Veras, had been struggling all season (as of today, a 5.96 ERA, 25 innings and 17 ER), and with Bruney coming up, there were several options. There were a good amount of DFA possibilities; Berroa, Tomko, Veras. There was also the thought of Robertson being sent down. 

I held my fingers crossed for Robertson of course, because I have that blind belief in the occasional young guy. I think he has serious potential and should get as much time as possible with jeopardizing wins (until he’s not longer categorized as a win jeopardizer). 

I figured that Berroa would be the best option because Pena has easily been outperforming him as the backup infielder, and the guy just didn’t seem to fit. It would be a loss if he was picked up off the waiver list, but it seems worth it. Veras looked like he was turning it around…

But it was Veras. Luckily, our bullpen, with Bruney back, is starting to look considerably above average, the exact opposite of early this season (take a walk down memory lane, why don’t you). 

CC Gets the Win

Before I bid you good night, CC looked stellar today, approaching what he looked like near-break last year. He is our ace now, and with him off our minds, we can focus on worrying on Wang (congratulate him if you see him, he has a new baby boy) and Burnett and Pettitte and Hughes and Joba and…

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John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman Quote of the Day: (near word for word) “Swung on and HIT IN THE AIR TO DEEP LEFT CENTER FIELD, AND THAT BALL IS….Caught! Wait, no! It’s off the wall!” 

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